Friday, August 7, 2009

Somebody once wrote: "Hell is the impossibility of reason." That's what this place feels like. Hell.

A line from the 1986 classic, Platoon. I can't remember when I saw the film last, if it was ten years ago it was yesterday - it just sticks in my memory. I recalled that line while driving home late last night - I do my best thinking in a quiet car, probably not that uncommon.

You don't have a long bridge to cross to see where I am headed with this . . .

We have smothered our sense of reason, and sensibility to reason.

I think communication devolves when we enter into a line of negotiation with predetermined assumptions of our counterparts. Democrats and Liberals presume that all Republicans are greedy fat redneck racists, and all Republicans view Liberals as Code Pink, Green Peace, granola eating, spread the love, spread the wealth tree huggers! This is a real problem, and we need to address several things.

Foremost - politicians are interested in only one thing, and this is paramount to anything that you think.


How do you get re-elected, well you bend and twist everything you originally stood for to appeal to the most people who have a say in your election. Obama did it by telling all of the poor minorities that he was going to take money from the rich......ooooh yeah, let's get those rich greedy wall street fat cats back....Barack said he was gonna do it, I'm voting for him!

Bush did it simply by running on his war on terror. Everyone harbors some resentment towards whoever murdered 4000 Americans on 9/11, and Bush said he is going to kill all those bad guys, so he gets my vote!

It really isn't that difficult to understand. But what is important to understand is that every single politician is willing to throw you, me, and whoever gets in their way, right under the bus if another LARGER group of people is willing to back him or her. See, it's not about doing what is right for America any longer, it's about doing what is right to get re-elected in America. We, then, have lost our sense of reasoning when creating policy - NONE OF BARACK'S LEGISLATION HAS ANY REASON TO IT (other than to ensure his re-election).

Sonya Sotamayor - secure the fastest growing population in America - Latino & Hispanic votes. Sotamayor is an absolute disaster of a human being when it comes to objectivity. It makes my stomach queasy just thinking about the fact that Obama endorsed somebody who said that white men are not as capable as Latina women to the highest court of the land. An absolute disgrace and all Latinas should be embarrassed.

Well the list goes on and on.

There will be no progress in our country until a team, come back to our senses and begin to reason with each other. I may not like the views and opinions of Liberals, but I'm willing to hear what you have to say and IN RETURN I EXPECT YOU TO RESPECT MY VIEWS AND OPINIONS. There will be no progress until there is communication, it really is that simple.

Henry Ford put it well when he said that coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.

Liberals, if you want to know the truth here it is. You took your success with Barack and you ran off with it in a reckless fashion like a piece of trailer trash who won the lottery. You act irresponsibly and selfishly when you pander directly to the thugs and losers who got you into your office. And you ruined it, you ruined your fun - you exposed yourself for everything that I say you are. Thugs! Come 2010 & 2012, well you are all gone - and all of this legislation that you had an opportunity to create in a bipartisan way will be TRASHED OUT THE DOOR. Republicans know that all they need to do to guarantee their election is to not vote for Obamacare!

As expected - Barack Obama, a failure in under 200 days.

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