Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fussing With the Bee Hive Will Get You Stung

There is something in the wind, a new direction, a cool breeze off the waters, something refreshing. It's crisp, it's defined, it is an energizing force. It's the winds of change my friends, and it seems that maybe the 'Change' that has been expected is not the 'Change' we will receive. Looking through my history books, I can't quite equate any point in past history to the conglomerate steam roller of 'Change' we have in DC right now. As humans, we are naturally instilled with certain, well, human natures! One of those natures I believe is that there is a balance of time and change. Too much change in too little time and it upsets our minds. Too little change in too long of a time.....well that upsets us too. I think Barack and his army are upsetting the Time/Change balance, I know they are.

It's been impressed on me in the past week or so that there is a palpable mist of aggrivation in the air. Not unlike the feeling I get when watching somebody poke at a hornets nest....the poke, they run, they poke, they run, using the intensity of the whir of the bees as a meter to judge their temperament. If the American people, if we all are the bees that live in that nest, and we tag the queen bee of the hive as our 'personal freedom' - well we are all pretty pissed off and we are going to protect our queen! Barack the Bee Keeper, and his proverbial bee poker policies, have really been agitating the natives. As the hive grows to incorporate not just worker bees, but bees of all classes, common sense would tell you that maybe it's time to back off. Stay away from my queen, and keep your sticky hands off of my HONEY!

Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm wrong - but Barack, listen to the sound of the bees my friend. You are about to get stung.

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